EcoGuide Mini -
the compact and robust group guidance system with display


Small, robust guide radio system with display!

The EcoGuide Mini series can run for up to 15 hours on just one rechargeable battery or battery. This feature helps reduce extra weight and battery costs when touring. The light weight of only 70 grams brings comfort to the user. The automatic channel lock function prevents erroneous channel change due to incorrect operation and the backlit display helps the user to read the channel number even in a dark environment.

With this leadership radio system, the voice of the leader is always transmitted optimally and crystal clear to the individual group members!





Pocket transmitter with socket for external microphone. It is equipped with the following features:

  • 40 channels
  • Frequency 863 – 865 MHz
  • only 1 battery (AA – Mignon) necessary
  • Battery or rechargeable battery operation
  • Battery monitoring on display
  • microphone mute button
  • with display with channel indicator
  • AUX socket for playing audio signals
  • with clip for neck cord

Receiver with clip to attach and with optional cord to hang around the neck. It is equipped with the following features:

  • 40 Frequenzen
  • Frequenz 863 – 865 MHz
  • L 40 channels
  • Frequency 863 – 865 MHz
  • Volume control with on-off switch
  • only 1 battery (AA – Mignon) required
  • Battery or rechargeable battery operation
  • display with battery monitoring
  • with clip for neck cord
  • connection socket for various external earpieces
  • including earpiece standard flexible



In noisy production halls, in conferences, museums, at trade fairs, sports or driving school training, city tours or even at events for interpreters: every word is understood.

Our EcoGuide wireless people guidance system guarantees perfect understanding for many applications:

  • Plant or factory tours even at high noise levels
  • Machine and product presentations
  • Multilingual guided tours, training courses, press conferences and meetings
  • Simultaneous translations (whispering suitcases)
  • Training and instruction at noise workplaces
  • Instructions at sporting events, e.g. equestrian sports, ski schools, etc.
  • Guided tours at exhibitions, museums and trade fairs


If you only hold an event from time to time, you can also rent our EcoGuide systems from us by the day or week. As an existing customer, you can also expand your existing system with additional devices for larger events (e.g. open day).

No matter what your requirements are, the system will be put together for you in the configuration you require. Please ask for our favourable daily and weekly packages!

Components, equipment & accessories

Transmitter and Microphones

Pocket Transmitter

Neck Bow mikrophone Standard

Neck bow mikrophon SPECIAL

Neck bow mic Comfort

Neck bow mic Sporty

Head band mic

Neck bow headset

Clip microphone

Clip mic with Mute-Button

Lapel microphone

Pocket Receiver and earphones


Earphone flexible Standard

Earphone rigid

Earphone soft rubber

various disposable earpieces, available single or double-sided

Headphones double-sided with overhead bracket

Neckband Headphones double-sided

Headphones double-sided with large ear pads

Sound-absorbing double-sided earphones

Induction coil for hearing aid users

Charging storage options and other accessories

Table-top Desk dual charging station

Charging case for 25 units

Charging bag for 42 units

Loading unit for 50 units each

Aluminium case for several earphone boxes and accessories

Storage box for 25 to 50 flexible earpieces

Neck cord for transmitter and receiver

Various audio cables for smartphone or mp3 player

Hygiene spray for the care of the earphones


Offer & Prices


You can have us put together your individual EcoGuid system, order it from us and buy it!

Prices for the products listed are available on request! We will be happy to make you an individual and non-binding offer for sale and rental!

Further EcoGuide systems

Further other systems

In addition to our EcoGuide people guiding system, we also have other guiding systems in our programme. Please also visit our main page www.headsets.at:


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